jTypingHerojQuery game by Marcofolio.net

Test your typing skills in this jQuery game

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Let's see how fast you can type!









Quickly after jCharacterfall, I came up with this game. It looks a bit like jCharacterfall, but is mainly inspired on and JamLegend, RockBand and (obviously) Guitar Hero. But, instead of tapping to beats, you'll have to press the correct character on the correct time in a totally random order. Each correct press will make the game faster, which makes it harder but you'll be able to earn more points.

Simply press Play! in the screen above to let the orbs containing the characters drop down. All you have to do is type the correct character when they hit the correspondenting one on the bottom! Don't be too fast, but don't be too late either.

Just as a little disclaimer: If you find this game too easy, I suggest you download the source and poke around in the JavaScript file, changing some values placed on top (like DROPPINGSPEED and NEWORBTIME). This will increase the amount of multiple dropping orbs and will also speed up, but that also means your browser will take a lot away from your CPU. If you want to play around with the source (or just learn something from it), be my guest.

This fun little game was created by Marcofolio.net, showing the power of jQuery and some CSS3. The icons used are created by YellowIcon.